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So beautiful you would not believe …

Well in short, it’s really hard to describe this thing in a rational way, the enthusiasm is sky high and the satisfaction you can not even measure. See photographs of a marriage that I took to Venice published in the leading journal of Marriage of Spain (Lucia Se Casa) is a great thing for me….


Where does the photograph?

these days I spoken with some colleagues, a wedding photographer, a wedding video maker and a portrait photographer. It is usual when talking with colleagues, share their discoveries and the techniques used to capture or post-producing photographs. The most interesting thing was  emerged is a common factor, easy and trivial yet it’s nice to occasionally…


Thoughts in disarray on analog photography for the wedding

I tried, tested and evaluated many solutions in my career as a wedding photographer. So many times I tried to think of solutions to be at the forefront, other times I chased the times, while recently, perhaps taken a bit ‘of nostalgia, I tried to turn back the clock to the years of analogue photography….

Album matrimonio

What about wedding photographer in digital Age?

Once upon a time the wedding photographer and his product was the Photo album. But in which direction goes the evolution of wedding photographic service in these controversial times? With the born of digital photography and cloud services we have a lot of new solutions for compose and delivery the photo-service. You can have the…

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