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It is getting tougher!

In Italy there is an association in which every wedding photographer should be interested, if not register at least interested. It’s called ANFM (National Association wedding photographers). I will not elaborate a lot to talk because of the association on the web you can find much information about it. But what can get a wedding…


Ideas by the other side of the world …

It is true that the wedding photographer does not go into vacation ever … even when in fact it is! These days I’m on holiday in the Philippines, an island south of Manila and I have all the ingredients to relax and not get close to the mac book … but here I am! Yes,…


I love the smiles!

One of the nicest aspects of the wedding photographer craft is passing the days with smiling people. During the wedding day people are joyful, they are celebrating a happy time of the couple’s life and have fun. It is a day when the smile is on everyone’s lips, both, the spouses and their guests. Many…


Behind the scenes: trimming photos

The album is almost ready! The graphic design is completed, we printed all the photos and now? What must the wedding photographer to complete the album? A boring part but undoubtedly rewarding of craft work: trim images before gluing on the pages. The trim can be more traditional, leaving a small white border around the…

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