It is getting tougher!

In Italy there is an association in which every wedding photographer should be interested, if not register at least interested. It’s called ANFM (National Association wedding photographers). I will not elaborate a lot to talk because of the association on the web you can find much information about it. But what can get a wedding photographer in Venice by a national association? A lot, there are many services that the association provides but right now I want to introduce my little personal success. Like last year, and sometimes before, I won the “top 10” in the competition wedding albums. It is a competition in which this year was attended by 128 photographers, and that every year is getting tougher. The quality of work is always higher then finish in the top 10 is not so simple.

Participation is very wide, photographers from Italy send their works. A jury of seven photographers have viewed, evaluated and commented on the 128 works. All this in front of a very large audience and a live on social networks.

In the jury there were important names: Flavio Bandiera, Vittore Buzzi, Felicia Cisco, Andrea Corsi, Marco Miglianti, Rino Cordella and Giorgio Baruffi, coordinated by David Bastianoni. In short names in the wedding photography landscape have much to say.

I can not describe the emotion to discover that this year my work has been rated among the best 10. I am immensely pleased that the jury has also appreciated because it is the Daniela and Christoph marriage, a couple who comes from Salzburg and got married in Venice. They chose me as a photographer for their wedding in Venice and the wedding was organized by the wedding planner Linda Bonaventure – Brilliant Wedding. I owe a lot to them, is the couple that the wedding planner because without them I could not have done some good photos. Besides them, there are other people in a direct and indirect way have allowed me to achieve this result, very small actually but very big for me …

So thank you to those around me on a daily basis and gives me the encouragement to continue to always give my best in all the work!