What about wedding photographer in digital Age?

Once upon a time the wedding photographer and his product was the Photo album. But in which direction goes the evolution of wedding photographic service in these controversial times? With the born of digital photography and cloud services we have a lot of new solutions for compose and delivery the photo-service. You can have the picture on your desktop still in few days after the wedding and you can share them in a click. Yes, these are great opportunity mostly for destination wedding. No times for packing the Photo album, no times and costs for shipping and opportunity for share with friends and parents very quickly. But can these things be better than the emotion to browse a real Photo album with the pictures of your most beautiful day? Every page is a surprise and an emotion or a tear… you can touch the page with your hands, look and smell it. I know that the new technologies can give us all and now! And I agree we can’t come back in the past however I would like to give you another point of view about the memories of your wedding day. A photo album or a photo book is a casket where you save your love and your special moments forever… can a cloud be the same?

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