Thoughts in disarray on analog photography for the wedding

I tried, tested and evaluated many solutions in my career as a wedding photographer. So many times I tried to think of solutions to be at the forefront, other times I chased the times, while recently, perhaps taken a bit ‘of nostalgia, I tried to turn back the clock to the years of analogue photography.

Before of the years 2003-2005 was very different from today. For all it was very common to have to do with camera film and cameras they were very different from today.

At the wedding of Monica and Roberto I tried also bring the old Canon AE-1, a pair of lenses and a pair of rollers. I chose to use the Ilford FP4 black and white film. Working with two parallel systems (digital and analog) is not easy, of course, for security reasons, I have given the prevalence to digital but I still managed to have some interesting shots even from analogue. So I had the answer to the question: can you do even marriage with analogue machines?

Evaluating the result the answer is yes, you can still shoot the photographic services using color film or black and white but it is inevitable to compromise. The first compromise is due to the ISO sensitivity. Current digital cameras arrive to iso sensitivity unthinkable for the film, consequently the cleaning of the image is distinctly different. Grain is an element present in all the pictures, even those taken during the day with a low ISO sensitivity films. In my opinion the grain is a fascinating element in the images take on a retro look.

But the most important thing that these experiment showed me is that photography is beyond the tools that are used to achieve it. Photography is language, aesthetic sense and communication. Photography can tell it with clean images that grainy, the elements that makes the difference are the emotions, gestures and the feelings of the subjects.

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