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Where does the photograph?

these days I spoken with some colleagues, a wedding photographer, a wedding video maker and a portrait photographer. It is usual when talking with colleagues, share their discoveries and the techniques used to capture or post-producing photographs. The most interesting thing was  emerged is a common factor, easy and trivial yet it’s nice to occasionally remember: how photography was born? What’s going on inside the mind of the photographer and that led him to take the photograph at that particular moment and with those certain settings? The answer is always the same: the light! We can have all our own style, way of working, gender and even personality but all are bound by the attention and the love of light. How many times, people, have heard me say: that beautiful light that there is in this part or on that object, on that face etc etc. The light, for a photographer, is like music for a musician, is perceived always, not only when you want to produce a photo, it accompanies us in every moment of life. Below the “beautiful light” it begin everything else, place rapidly in the mind delves into memory or creativity to invent the composition, any pose or arrangement of the scene, but everything is always triggered by light.

And then, as you are greeted with photographers, good light at all …

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