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yes, in Venice yes …

yes, in Venice there are not only weddings. A wedding photographer in Venice can do much more. In Venice couples want to be photographed for their engagement, for honeymooners, wedding proposal and also for romantic dinners. Sometimes even a photo shoot after the wedding to have pictures in wedding dress in Venice.

This does not happen in all the cities, for example in Udine, my hometown, I never did … not for the famous say “nemo propheta in patria” that sometimes causes our fellow citizens we appreciate less than they do the people from other places. The real reason is that Venice is the romantic city par excellence, city of love. It is this magic that makes it unique and desirable. In Venice, in any season, the atmosphere is different looks that flows love for the canals and streets together with gondolas, it catches us and takes us to the magnificent emphasis.

It happens very often to perform related photography services to the wedding in Venice. The most frequent question I get asked colleagues concerns the repetition of the service but in Venice you can find new views and inspirations constantly also, the thing that makes the difference is empathy with the couple … if the wedding photographer is carried away by emotions of the couple here is that each service will be unique and every glimpse of a new world …


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