The habits of the past: a step into the future

The wedding photographer is now almost fully digitized. And as such it has completely changed its habits and way of working. I find this very positive but living a historic city like Venice it is natural that the wedding photographer in Venice suffers a bit of nostalgia and look benevolently the past.

It is not a past research for wanting to hang on and refuse to project into the future, rather it is the desire to learn from the past, take the good things to be treasured in the future.

Once upon a time, it was common practice that the photographer proper printing his photographs at home, without going to outside laboratories, especially the black and white photos. Today there are laboratories that make sublime works and that, especially on the photo book, give an exceptional product.

For this reason, the wedding photographer will appeal to these professionals for printing. Thinking of the traditional work of the photographer, I decided to do is to print pictures of my works at home and independently. My proposal of albums is very focused on traditional album (the photo glued to the page of the album) and holds only marginally into account the photobook.

The reason for this is related to emotionality and desire to do things by hand. For the traditional album work spends most out of my hands: I take the pictures, select them, postproduction, control, print, trim and glue. A process which, in addition to take me emotionally in the past and let me savor the taste of craft work, allows me to check and verify all the steps that the quality may not fail during the various stages of the production chain.

This is a very different process from the photo book, that is an industrial product, where the photographer is limited to do a project on the computer, send a file to a company that produces thousands of albums, all the same for everyone, and in the end gives me a nice package it’s over.

Do not mislead these words, the quality of photo books is very high and there are many beautiful products, I take the example of the company Floricolor in Portugal which has a catalog of covers and amazing options. My comment is only related to love for craft things done with the heart.

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