Albums and boxes for your wedding

The perfect way to keep your wedding pictures is inside an album or a nice box.  I chose for you some albums hand made by expert Italian artisans with natural materials, checked one by one for guarantee the highest level of quality and a nice wooden box where design meet tradition.

On the albums will be hand mounted 80 fine-art* prints.


The model “Silk“: cover available in 10 colors, panoramic block 35x35cm white or black.

Album Nozze


The model “Linen“: linen cover with customizable decoration, panoramic block 35x35cm white or black cotton paper.

Wedding Album

Album matrimonio














Il photobook “Linen”: linen cover  with customizable decoration, 30x20cm or 30x30cm: photographic professional paper carta and coordinated box in linen and wood.















































The “CRAFT” casket is a whole product that is crafted entirely. The container in natural materials, the passepartout and the fine-art prints*.

Rather than an album is the completion of the service, the box with the top 25 images printed with overwhelming quality.





The “fusion” photo book: natural fabric cover with customizable trim, 40×30 cm. The pages in this book are slim to allow you to print up to 200 large-format photos. The wooden box contains the names of the brides and the date of their marriage.

* Fine-art print: state of the art of digital photo-print. For this kind of print I use an ink-jet machine with 12 colors. It have an impressive precision on scratchy cotton paper. The outcome is a print with a wide gamut of shades and an extreme sharpness. The printing process is performed internally , this allows a meticulous quality control


Note: Couples usually spend between €2300-3500 on their wedding photography experience with me. For additional information and a personal offer // PS. I love to travel and I’m available both domestic and worldwide.