The studio portrait

Glauco Comoretto wedding photographer in Venice … ok! yes, this is the official definition of my work. My main job is wedding photography and Venice is the city in which I work more though, as you can see by visiting my galleries, I work in other cities. I very much written about my work, and then you cannot missed my vocation for the portrait.

Speaking of portrait we enter in a huge range of possibilities. The portrait, in fact, is not a real field of photography but a genre applicable to various sectors.

In the wedding it is very exploited in various interpretations. In addition to marriage, I would like to deepen this kind in other environments. For example, the photography of family or professional portrait, one used by managers and professionals to enhance their image, or advertising portrait and much more …

The portrait set in location is very exciting, it need the best interpretation of the place where you are and the person you have in front.

This last aspect is the common element in all areas where it is applied the portrait, from the photo booth to the advertising portrait. Tune in to the person, understanding his character and the most emotional aspects of his personality. It is necessary, when you think of a portrait photography, you think about the person you are photographing. It is not a purely aesthetic portrait, it is to bring a mood or an idea that the person wants to give of him.

Going a bit on the specific look at some portrait photography done in the studio. The portrait photographer working mainly in the studio. His natural habitat, where it should apply maximum control the lights and the environment. The studio is like the confessional, an intimate place where you relate to your subject without distraction.

Before the photo shoot I like to chat with people. Over time I also realized what is the most important question for the photographer and the subject does not know how answer: what do you expect from this photo session?

No one can give a precise answer. Probably the portrait photographer is chosen on the basis of portfolio and then it is assumed to get a picture similar to those. For the photographer is important to understand the personality of the subject to obtain exactly what he’d like.

Below I put some pictures. You can see different interpretations of the portrait in the studio, both during shooting to editing. I deeply love the portrait in black and white without the skin retouching, I think that tells a lot more than a person. It is not always the best solution, especially when the portrait is used in advertising.

I like so much this photographic genre that I would dwell at length to talk about and dissect all aspects. But I treat me so as to return in the near future by telling other interesting aspects. I leave you with these shots chosen without much thinking about it and without even trying a leitmotif between them, it is not a project but the photographs taken at random from various services. They are shots that have excited me and I hope you enjoy them.