Bla bla on the portrait and… a big belly

I fell in love portrait photography. It is not strange for a wedding photographer who has in his study the exposure room. I can not say when and how it did this passion and the spark that made me fall in love with this specific discipline.

I started from very far away, I’ve always been a big fan of photojournalism. I always watched with great admiration the reportages of great authors such as Salgado, Mc Curry, Scianna, Peress and many others. The admiration is not lowered in the least for this work and for the kind photojournalistic but has added something new that has become important.

The portrait! Being a wedding photographer in Italy and then often finding myself in a position to photograph people I had a slow metamorphosis of my perceptions. They passed by the search of the decisive moment (to use a popular term coined by Henri Cartier Bresson) seeks out the excitement.

Making a portrait is to contact the person who withdraws. It is not only an aesthetic but photography is something that starts by emotions. You can not get a good picture without empathize with the subject.

The good portrait is also the fact that many technical things, the good light, the pose, the choice of the aperture, the placement of the subject in the environment, the relationship between the subject and the surrounding environment etc. etc..

All this does not work without the emotional aspect, because with a good pose but a look and an expression wrong the portrait does not work and the only way to get the right expression and the right look is to ensure that the person depicted succeed to tell us what he wants to tell us without speaking.

In photography, this aspect is very important, if we have nothing to say the photograph fails, something purely technical without being able to transmit emotion.

In the portrait both, the photographer and the subject must have something to say and if the relationship will be established between the two is good then we will have a great portrait!

A few days ago I took pictures to Sara. I met Sara on the occasion of her wedding in 2011 and she and her husband Fabrizio was immediately a great understanding us. Thomas was born in 2012, their first child. On that occasion they asked me to make them a photo shoot in the studio, newborn and family portraits. Now Sara is pregnant again and asked me to portray her with the big belly. It was immensely pleased the request, after so many years there is still this beautiful relationship between us. I put all of myself to him and I think I managed to take two very important aspects of Sarah’s character: the immense sweetness and great strength!

Here are some shots taken by shooting, I do not feel even a portrait photographer, but it’s nice to have dreams …