Yes, with the digital it is easy …

By you do not say that there has never occurred to you that about a wedding photographer … today with the tools that we make available the technology is easy to make beautiful photographs at weddings. Well, I will not deny these claims because they conceal the truth, even if only partial … Today, digital equipment put at our disposal tools that make life less complicated to wedding photographer, but as in all things, there is the flip side!

Yes, as has simplified life in reality it has also raised the quality of wedding photography and thus also customer expectations.

So it’s not so true that just “shooting” thousands of photos and then go into the pile to look for the best, because these the best may not be enough.

Especially in Italy, in the last three years the quality of wedding photographers has greatly raised and technical notions are no longer sufficient. What five years ago you could define a good job (in this case a wedding album) today could be defined just enough.

But what it’s really changed. Many things have changed, the shooting technique and the technical and creative baggage of photographers. The tools that the manufacturers have put at our disposal more and better features and then is driven to always make the most of; is not only the amount of shots that allows us to have the image with the expression and the right pose but also other features linked to the color and the malleability of photography. It being understood that the wedding photographer must be very knowledgeable about the technical knowledge about light and composition.

So yes, today with digital is much easier to get basic results but to be successful you need a little more and you can find it inside your mind and your soul…