With eyes of guests…

Who reads this blog knows that I’m a wedding photographer and knows my views on the photos from the wedding and what I want to do and achieve with my work, I think it’s clear.

What I think the bride and groom and the emotions they feel are well known: the feedbacks, emails, posted comments on social explain very well this joy.

But guests, friends, relatives, what they think of a wedding photographer, who wanders more or less solitary between the pews and the tables of the location?

Sometimes these opinions are left a bit in the background, but also the views of the guests is important, because they “enter” in the story.

I asked for a bit of advice to mothers and fathers, witnesses and friends of the bride, the groom’s buddies and also to colleagues, to hear some opinions and the result is sometimes funny.

Mom – I didn’t want my picture taken because I am always wrong and do not like me. In family photos that I do, at parties, I always have a tremendous face. If I look at these pictures I understand that it takes a good photographer: in the end I even amused.

Dad – For me it’s just beautiful daughter, and I’m glad. I saw the album and it’s beautiful: like her dad.

Witness – is the third friend who is getting married and I’m still waiting for Prince Charming, but when it will be, I want it discreet, not like that of X. who was a circus for us to take pictures.

Colleague – all sorts of things. A grandmother I was particularly fond of and she posed for pictures with all the grandchildren, because she never sees them. Then she said that because I was very patient and helpful was determined to greet me before I left, because then “you photographers left the scene without anyone greetings to duty.”

Brother, husband – I like photographers who are not pushy! I once knew someone who came with the car in the courtyard of the house of my friend, and half of the picture for which he had as a background his car with a lot of mega advertising on the side. Do you regret so much to have him picked, but now! You really need to find a serious photographer otherwise then you stay with a bad job done in life … and Mica answered you.

Niece (6 years) – When I get married, will you come and shoot me, too?

Mom – When the boys have told us of the first appointments they have made with some photographers, I have seriously scared of the prices. When I got married I had spent little. But yes, it’s been 37 years. I said, “You spend little time then the album would never see.” I have rowed against you know? But in the end they chose to their head and I have to say that for the good things you spend willingly because then you just a beautiful memory, did well. I hate to admit it, but fortunately have not listened to me.

Pastor (at the time of signature) – stops and looks at me, then he begins saying it ?! there is also a photographer? I had not even noticed …

Well, these are just some of the collected sentences, but there are many others, by the compliments anecdotes from disgruntled aunt because I was always in the way and she could not take pictures, to the one who asked the assistant to let him know when it was taking the flash as well she also took advantage to take with her compact. But it is clear that even by guests there is to learn!

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