Why to let the photographer make the choose?

Some time ago I talked about how to operate the selection of photos for the album, in this article. Today I want to start from the end of that article: why it is better to entrust at the photographer the choice of images for the album.

First of all, the wedding photographer has a lot experience and he is able to find the best images form the multitude of photographs taken. This is facilitated by the fact that he has taken them and then having already in mind the storytelling of your wedding.

Second, take a sequence of pictures that tell the day without being repetitive and without insert images that interrupt the flow of the story is difficult. Again, it takes considerable experience and the photographer navigating in this area as an old sea dog. So many times, in the selections made by the spouses are many photos “double”; the bride and groom choose them because they are beautiful, but two very similar pictures although beautiful, is “killing” each other and lose both the importance and emphasis. To make you better appreciate your story, the photographer makes the choice very carefully.

A crucial point of the choice are the group pictures. In my view, this should not stand in the album photos. No part of the story but simply a “memory” of the day for those present. They have much more sense if you will give away to relatives themselves, perhaps with a nice packaging, which entered the album.

To assure the validity of the choice made by me, I would like to point out that all the galleries on the site and the albums that you have got to see during the talks with me, choices are made completely by me. If you liked those you also will love your album. Finally I want to focus on another very important issue: the story always writes the writer, never the protagonists. Very often we can operate courageous choices that you would not do for various reasons; It comes out the difference between a gripping tale and a collection of images.

Obviously mine isn’t an imposition, yet I hope you will have trust in your photographer because my intent is to give you a fantastic work!