Which photos to the wedding album?

Among the various tasks of the wedding photographer it is also to prepare the album. It is a bit that I think and I finally decided to do some order in the thousands of ideas that follow me trying to compile a handbook of how I think should be chosen photographs that will make up your wedding albums.

I would start with the argument of quantity. How many photographs to be included in the album? I do not think there is a short answer to this question. It really depends on how you have arranged your marriage and the photo shoot. I would say that 70 photographs is the minimum you pack an album that tells your best day from start to finish. But where could be the key to increasing the number of images? Surely in the activities and the amount of guests present at your wedding, as well as the time that you and the photographer will have devoted to portraits.

Also I Know that for the newlyweds and family , the group pictures are very important, I would avoid inserting them in the album of marriage. In fact, my proposal is to make another small album with this type of images. This will avoid filling the pages of your Album with photographs very similar and at the same time avoid to interrupt the story. The second album, dedicated to group pictures, is already included in the price of the album. Inside the wedding album, however, there will be pictures of all the guests photographed during moments of your wedding. As a wedding photographer, I undertake a lot to make sure that all your guests are photographed in “live” moments of your party.

At this point I recommend to proceed in two phases: the emotional and the rational. The emotional we will choose many images we like because we like them. Secondly proceed with the rational method that forces us to certain stakes:

  1. with the number of images that we decided to make the album we have to be able to tell the whole story of the day.
  2. Similar photos will “kill” each other, then two beautiful photos are tasted less than one. If there are two or more portraits of the bride or the couple (or otherwise) that you like very much, force yourself to take one. This portrait will be appreciated being able to print in a larger format and avoiding to disperse the attention of multiple images.
  3. As much as possible, it is important to alternate moments, portraits and details to create tension, resolution and pause in the story, making it smooth and attractive. This is equivalent to punctuation.
  4. Each image must have a common thread with the previous and the next, just so the story will be understandable.

If all this seems increasingly complex you have the alternative to trust your photographer and to make the choice to him.

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