Where the dream becomes reality: the ceremony

The wedding ceremony can have many aspects. For a wedding photographer in Venice or in other multi-ethnic and multi-faith city like Rome, Florence, Naples, the ceremony is the moment of marriage with more variables. Besides the religious ceremonies there are civilians and those symbolic. What do they have in common and what different all the ceremonies of marriage? They share the love, the couple is preparing to marriage does to celebrate their love. From the point of view of the work of the photographer, the most important thing is not to lose the highlights: entrance, exchange of rings (or other symbols) and output of throwing rice or petals or flight of butterflies. The ceremonies by the sea in Venice, to those in the hills overlooking Rome, the symbolic ceremony is one that allows greater freedom of choice of the format. Obviously, not having to adhere to any ritual, the couple may decide to organize it in the place that they prefer, at the time they prefer and with the content they prefer. For this every time is something “new” something unique, and personal. Religious ceremonies have the frame of the place: church, synagogue … each with its own peculiarities and charm. This article can not go into the details of personal choices to be able to give advice on the choice of venue, but what will make your beautiful wedding will be your love and your involvement.

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