What a strange season …

Yes, autumn is a strange season for the wedding photographer. Usually they end up in the autumn weddings and they spend time in the studio to edit and prepare photos and albums. It is an activity that many wedding photographers has grown very boring. I honestly love the post production and editing of albums. I do not mean it to be a relaxing phase but it is far less frantic the shooting phase. But this year the season is even more strange, marriages are not yet finished, by Saturday I am lucky enough to photograph a beautiful couple in the mountain. In the province of Udine. A foreign couple who chose the mountains of Friuli for their wedding. How did they find me? I was curious so I asked they: easy! Typing “wedding photographer udine” on google.

The season does not end there though, even I will have a wedding in late November in the splendid frame of Venice and then a little something in December … So this year the mounting season album will be a bit less ongoing and probably will continue in January. The Christmas period is always a time of great fervor for deliveries.

It is truly rewarding to do the preparation of the picture, the print and assembly by myself and all in “home”. But it is also challenging, I am sure that will force me to tight schedules in order to accommodate the many married couples who would love to enjoy their own at Christmas albums. Browse on the sofa by the fireplace, perhaps with the cover on the knees and on the album cover, crouched browse this treasure trove of memories, with a sweet song in the background and lots of love …


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