What do you do all day long?

I’m a wedding photographer and I spend a lot of my time to post product my images. 3 years ago I talked on this blog about post production. I explain how important it is and how much it was important also in analog photography.

Today I would like to make a philosophic and artistic speech. I think the post production starts during the shooting. Indeed in that moment the photographer decide the composition and exposition. If he’d like to expose for lights the image will be dark instead if he’d like to expose for shadows it will be lighter.

This is a very fast inner process but it is the real expression of creativity. Then, why use the photo-retouch softwares and spend time on the computer? Details… they do the difference. For get great picture, you don’t need big thing but small and precious interventions. A curve and a tone can’t be good for all pictures, you need a series of curves and masks, used like a surgeon for obtain awesome photos. So, the post production is an important process like the shooting stage. Deliver images without this process is absolutely unthinkable, it would be an incomplete job . Many people still believe that the ” good ” photographer it doesn’t need it because he should be able to get a good image during shooting , but I think this thinking is incorrect , the more experienced and famous photographers make proper use of post production on their images , to be certain that the result is that their creativity has allowed him to see during the shooting .

Maybe to the untrained eye this operations are not so obvious but at a close comparison becomes very obvious . 


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