Wedding and photos in the vineyards

Italy is one of the top destinations for wedding celebrations. Its cities of art, historic houses and charming views positioning it at the top between the dreams of young couples. Among the myriad of beautiful places and magical situations, Italy is rich in vineyard, on most of the territory . From the famous areas of Chianti to Franciacorta, from Langhe and Monferrato to Collio, from Salento to Montepulciano, vineyards abound.

But what makes it so fascinating photographs in the vineyards? Since doing the wedding photographer I have received many times the request for taking photographs in these places and I always enjoyed trying to please them by seeking alternative point shooting. The terrain is hilly and often so it is not hard to be captivated and get good shots. The vineyards around the world are not as prevalent as in Italy and perhaps this is one reason why marriage is in great demand in wine regions. In these areas, in addition to the beauty of the area, it is of course possible to taste excellent wines and choose those to be served at the banquet. Even the cellars adjacent to the vineyards, now equipped to welcome many people, become the location of weddings.

It should also be considered the color that the leaves turn in autumn. Of course marriages in autumn and in winter are much less frequent than in the summer but the atmosphere is that you create, with warm autumn colors, transcends the usual bucolic atmosphere, propels us into a painting of the Macchiaioli.


©Lorenzo Schiff

©Lorenzo Schiff