Venice and its transportation …

You’ll see fantastic photographs we will do our wedding photographer on the gondola … It is one of the most common phrases between the future married couple who decide to make the engagement service or the marriage in Venice. Yes, because in Venice you are moving by boat or on foot. The gondola is the most romantic boat there is and the thought of bringing in photography this romance is very common.

Yes, the gondola is romantic and beautiful, also because it manages to go in the most narrow and tiny canals that wind through the most romantic city in the world, but the photographs? Are we really sure that the best picture is when you have the photographer on board?

Precisely not, the photographer on board, due to space and safety reasons, can not move, can not move as well as the subjects, or the bride and groom … that for about an hour we will have the same square to slightly backgrounds different but very little variety.

The best solution to the gondola photographs is to rent 2 gondolas with gondoliers and let the photographer (and any video maker) onto the second gondola, so filming will be different and there will also be a chance to catch the gondola in full .

Different speech instead if you choose as a means of transport the wooden cab. With this beautiful wood polished moving slowly between the Gran Canal and other major channels. In this case, the possibility of movement is greater, both for the pair for which the photographer, and therefore also the variety of images and ideas are greater. In this case it is better that the photographer is on board with the couple because, from another boat very often the subjects would be hidden by boat same elements.

There is no better or worse in Venice, whatever you choose to do will be magical!

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