Venice and…

To make the wedding photographer in Venice you must “love” it. In fact, if you scroll through the pages of my blog, you’ll notice that many articles dedicated to this magnificent city and praise are wasted. So much so that very often people asked me if I operate exclusively in Venice. As in love with Venice is impossible not to get caught by other parts of Italy, our peninsula is something really charming. The great lakes are very goals required by married couples as well as the art cities (Florence and Siena over all) and the Amalfi coast.

Marriage away from the city where you live (destination wedding) is increasingly widespread and Italy is one of the most popular destinations. Needless to emphasize the landscape, architectural and historical. What once was but only a tourist destination today is much more, it is the frame of beauty and romance of many marriages.

So no, I do not work only in Venice, working throughout Italy and sometimes even outside the borders. The love for traveling and learning about new cultures, alternating with the Italian wedding traditions that come from other countries is what drives me to these places and these marriages. Venice from this perspective gives me a lot, is a cosmopolitan and multi-confessional city, that opens its doors to all cultures and knows how to accommodate everyone and make people dream. As a wedding photographer in Venice I knew this and I liked it so much to continue to look for him everywhere .