Venice and its locations …

Thoughts disordered on a holiday day … I was thinking about how I feel in Venice and how many places I got to know thanks to my job, as wedding photographer in Venice.

In Venice there are countless magnificent places where you can organize a wedding. Palaces overlooking the Grand Canal such as Palazzo Pisani Moretta or luxury hotels such as Aman, Bauer, Danieli or enchanting locations such as the Granai of Cipriani or the Cipriani Inn at Torcello … Places somewhat flush like the JW Marriott or San Clemente are just some of the destinations available in Venice.

The pleasure of luxury and refinement is one of the characteristics of the city of Venice. Usually marriage in Venice is elegant and refinement. All these places are lovely. If you are planning to marry in Venice I recommend you visit them, you will surely find what is right for you.

In addition to venue locations, Venice offers a host of choices for the ceremony. From communal palaces to places of worship. The Catholic churches San Moisè, Frari, the Crypt of St. Mark’s Basilica, St. John in Bragora are just a few of the many beautiful churches in Venice. In addition to the Catholic churches there are all other places of worship, the Orthodox Church of St. George, for example, the Synagogues and the Mosques … Venice as well as multiethnic is also multi-confessional.

But the thing I like about Venice is that it is so beautiful that even without all these magnificent places, shooting would still be great. Venice also lends itself to intimate marriage, the very minimal and even discreet marriage.

I saw a lot of joy and emotion on the faces of some couples who celebrated their wedding in Venice very intimately. Elopement is a genre that in Venice finds its place because it is a very romantic city, also suitable for the couple who wants to celebrate love in an intimate way …