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A fad?

You may have noticed that in recent years broke the custom of the “second” wedding photographer. That is, the wedding photographer is no longer working alone as they did years ago but much work into two.

I would start by making a distinction between the different figures: according to the photographer and the assistant. The second photographer is a photographer in effect that cares to realize the images to complete the service and these images have the same importances of the images of the first photographer. Very often the two photographers start doing more relaxed preparations. Ie, a photographer remains with the groom and the other follows the bride, without jumping from one house to other or from place to place, allowing them to stay more focused on the short story. Then, the two photographers are organized to divide parts of the ceremony and reception, the first photographer always leaving the task of creating the portrait session.

The assistant instead has a distinctly different task, the server does not have the responsibility of taking important pictures, does not the preparations for one of the couple and not photographing even the buffet while the photographer takes the portraits … the assistant assists the photographer . In order to give a better service, the photographer needs more equipment and server, as well as giving a hand with the bags, has the task of keeping the lights and go to the photographer equipment.

This substantial difference is seen then in the sales price of the service, a photographer with assistant costs markedly less than two photographers …

The second wedding photographer I propose to my customers when there are many guests or the location is distracting, so that we may follow all the events of the marriage need to be in several places at once. Alternatively, I prefer to work alone with an assistant as the best formula to get the maximum empathy with the couple and have all the technical equipment for the best result.