An important moment: the delivery

Foto by Woden Banana
Foto by Wooden Banana

What these days before Christmas, like every year, for a wedding photographer are marked from the frenzy for the preparation and delivery of boxes and albums. A short pause in which I enjoyed I thought on the importance of this moment: it could be the last time you see your wedding photographer.

Fortunately not always: There are couples that I still listen more after some years. I had the pleasure of photographing children, born after their marriage, in portrait or baptism services. There are also people who I have known for the wedding and then they trust me also for commercial and advertising photographs for their company.

And therefore not entirely true the wedding photographer is a job “one shot”, you can create sustainable contacts if you can establish a relationship of trust.

But what I thought in this moment is: the delivery of the album is a little bit like close a phase. Deliver an album of marriage means delivering a box of emotions. I had it for a few months, I saw its  birth and growing, it makes me part of those families. I never detachment easily from albums and, of course, I never quite detachment from married couples I photographed.

Even friends and relatives that i often see in photographs, I seem to know them and they are part of my life.

Delivery is one of the most important moment of the photo shoot; smiles, tears and any other emotion born on the faces of the couple are my best compensation.