Am I a wedding photographer?

If you’ve already read my blog or visit my profiles on various social networks you’ll definitely identified me as a wedding photographer. Yes, this is my core business. I photograph weddings and I am very specialized in this field. But it is not the only area in which I work. Since some years I started a path, still very slow, in portrait photography. Very slow because I spend a lot of energies  in wedding photography and to be able to follow two sectors intensively is not easy. Nevertheless, it is a trade that I love so much. The main reason why I fell in love portrait is its variety.

You’ll notice that I use the terms field or trade and not genre to define the portrait, that why it is not a real genre but something that ranges in various areas, ranging from very simple things to other articulated and deep. The portrait that very often someone ask me is about children in posing room. The portrait in the studio I find it very suitable for an intimate photography, where the subject and the photographer are put in “contact” emotionally with each other to be able to “communicate” something thanks to photography. I really liked approach the portrait on location. The portrait photography on location is very used in advertising and this pushes you to find messages from having to communicate. There are so many variations of this photographic filed which is really hard to describe in a few words. Also the sessions of couples, both in marriages that in other types of sessions are part of portraiture and exploit another of the possible languages. The most important thing when photographing people, and so do the portraits, is that the photographer should really be of interest to people…gcf_0128

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