Treviso: a gem of history and beauty

Much has been spoken about Venice in this blog and probably still will be discussed much. However today I would make a small dissertation on Treviso.

There are many things that we should always keep our eyes and for that we go unnoticed. For a time, we try to imagine how it would see a stranger for the first time you decide to visit Treviso. The beauty of the historic buildings and the elegance of those built on the banks of the waterways are something unique.

It isn’t a popular destination for the destination wedding as Venice, but anyone who has chosen to get married in Treviso lived a unique experience. Immersed in history we can relive the splendor of the golden age of the Serenissima where Treviso was a center of utmost importance.

Try to imagine a beautiful summer day and a romantic walk of a married couple under porches or in Piazza dei Signori, fantastic places to take amazing pictures.

Treviso is a city that allows you to find the beauty in every view and people are always smiling and friendly. Treviso is a small town with a big heart.

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