Tools or skills?

Remember the joke of the wedding photographer and the cook? It is very widespread in the environment of photographers and today I would like talk a bit on this issue.

the joke:

one evening, a couple of friends invited to dinner the wedding photographer. During the evening they ask to be able to see some of his work. With a little of shyness pulls out his tablet and shows him some photographs of his latest works. Comments are all enthusiastic and compliments abound. At one point, the “hostess”, and cook that evening says: Make fantastic photos, you must have an exceptional camera! There and then the photographer does not comment. In late evening, at the time of parting the wedding photographer thanks and compliments to the cook: an excellent dinner, you have to have some great cooking pots for cook so well!

So often in the eyes of the less experienced is the equipment that we have to make a difference. The community of photographers continues to fight because you understand that the photographer is most important than the equipment. That’s right, I agree on the point of view of photographers but a little also on the fact that the equipment makes a difference; otherwise it would explain why photographers spend a lot of money to buy more and more good facilities.

But here you can see an important point, good equipment does produce better photographs to anyone who understands and knows how to use it. Not a very good camera with excellent optics is enough to make a good photograph but with even the best photographer poor machine will struggle. Then, the experienced photographer can get, even with a poor equipment, better results than a beginner with excellent machines is absolutely true.

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