The welcome cocktail

For guests and newlyweds is the moment of maximum relaxation and enjoyment. Finally ended the formal part of the ceremony and you can relax and have a chat with friends and laughter. What could talk a wedding photographer about the welcome buffet? I love this time, I like to capture the moments of joyful people, the various groups and then go in search of important pictures: the bride or groom with parents or with witnesses, or why not, both. A picture “stolen” to the parents at the buffet with the couple, all smiling and so be able to see them all well in the face replaces the traditional group picture which in itself is much less spontaneous and joyful. In addition to these crucial pictures, each group of guests who converses and smiles is a great photography. Unfortunately in recent weddings I happened to notice a phenomenon that until recently it had not noticed and which literally destroys the jovial atmosphere of the buffet. I happened to find the buffet eaten at the tables! It has greatly complicated things and took away the bride and groom the opportunity to have the photographs that I have described. Sitting people do not move, the same groups remain and also the tendency to relax too much and therefore do not look nice as the standing buffet. Perhaps the choice of catering is due to the presence of elderly people or requests of the newlyweds. I believe that one hour in a full day you can definitely stand to stand, also, a few sittings as sofas or armchairs for older people does not spoil the party as tables and chairs. Usually buffets are organized outdoors on the beautiful terraces of the palaces of Venice and Lake Como or in the lovely gardens of the Venetian Villas and castles in Tuscany hillside, what better setting for your joy?

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