The wedding photographer, Venice and social networks

What about Venice with social networks? In itself nothing or very little but try to enter Venice in search of any social networks and see what happens. If you then type wedding in Venice or, even better, wedding photographer Venice you will see how this enchanting city is popular on the virtual world. This is to say that today the wedding photographer must, inevitably, be present on social networks and present his work even on those platforms.

It really like Instagram, allows me to post pictures with few words and allows me to see the images of others, share content, and I can enjoy other people’s content very fast. Even Facebook is interesting even if it takes longer, it is a platform that lets you talk with people, networking and connections. Also on Facebook I have some photo galleries that in addition to being fast, no I can describe and get comments.

Twitter on the other hand it is useful to share the contents of this blog, thanks to Twitter I can reach many more people but the top is Pinterest. Although it is one on which place less frequently, it remains what it reaches more people. I promise that I’ll take care more assiduously. Pinterest has the advantage that you can post pictures and link to the website, so if in our research we find something interesting it becomes easy to land on the site of those who produce it.

Youtube is another channel that exploit little and is not updated … I know that videos are an excellent communication, unfortunately I have not yet learned to make quality videos and post them on a regular basis. At the bottom are a wedding photographers in Venice, the video is a bit away from my comfort zone, but I will speak in an upcoming post.

The world has changed, we have moved very quickly from the real window on the road to website and from the website to social networks. I do not think that the site is exceeded, it is our “showcase” Institutional but I am certain that these new tools bring us much closer to the people and consequently to the potential customer. The showcase or the site created a barrier, although not insurmountable, while the social network puts no barriers in touch. Just a comment or two words in a chat to be in touch and ask for information.

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