The wedding in black and white …

Ah yes, the wedding photographer is still a photographer and as such can not be in love with black&white photography. Here I am then still propose the idea of ​​a wedding album entirely in black and white. Some time ago I presented a “real wedding” took entirely in black and white with equipment and analog films. It’s a special feeling, something that is difficult to explain and transfer as an emotion but the black and white, both analog and digital, is a particular way of seeing the world … almost an extreme search of the emotion through the light and shadows, the shapes and the more that through the warmth of the color atmospheres. It’s a different way of looking at reality, thus opening the door to mental coloration.

Of course, the reality is in color and as you can regardless of color to play it? Better not to go into philosophical discussions on this issue, it would take pages and pages to explain this point of view.

For me it’s a real emotional approach, is not the color flattening but the exaltation of form. As if it were two-dimensional sculptures … the photograph in black and white is much closer to sculpture than to painting since it is a work of shapes and shades of sanding to give the image force.

Very often, however, the color is part of the assembly and details chosen and prepared with care from you and from your wedding designers, so avoid it is really hard. That’s why today I offer to the black and white photo shooting on services where the color might be much less important, as the sessions of portraits for engagement and / or trash the dress and honeymoons … If the idea sounds interesting please contact me right away that I have some great suggestions from you!