The time … enjoy it!

Oh well, the moment when it comes to wedding photographer in the preparations room starts anxiety … and yet we had not spoken of spontaneity and tell the story of a fantastic day? Let’s do some order and see how to have fun too with the anxious of a time to meet.

First, as said before, I advise you to get married in the afternoon … in this case you will not have to do up early to be able to enjoy your time. Imagine getting up in the morning at 9am, nice rest and realize that it is the day of your wedding … wow! emotion!!!

Here, if you were married in the morning you had to get up at 5 am and I do not think you would have been just as relaxed and happy …

But back to the time when you get up and you realize that you have plenty of time to enjoy this emotion and prepare calmly. At 11: 30/12: 00 arrive hairdressers and most likely also the photographer. Well yes come on, give me the time to let you get used to my presence, to photograph calmly all the details, even the most insignificant of your room and then leave me the time to see you chatting with sisters / friends, with your mother, maybe you saw eat something and that is, look upon your gown… and that the story is even started before makeup and hairdo. Fantastic moments that you can experience with my photographs and maybe include them in the album. That’s maybe even let me get 15-20 minutes prior to the hairdresser, because of all this. You can just buy a simple gown or use a hotel bathrobe and you’ll be perfect!

The slogan on the wedding day is: enjoy every moment!

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