The smile of the bride

How many times have you heard say, please, remember to smile when the wedding photographer makes the pictures! But the wedding photographer what does he think of this statement?

View from the point of view of a wedding photographer I can give a slightly different advice. The smile is definitely an expression gorgeous but to be photogenic needs to be spontaneous.  You can see when a smile is forced in the photo. Photography is not just a superficial reproduction of what the lens sees, but it is something more, it is able to go deep into the personality of the person and especially when viewed on who you know well, a photograph speaks a lot about you. For this reason I recommend to smile only if there is really spontaneous and if you feel beautiful in the process. Many times I ask they not smile at my subjects, portraits with a serious and intense expression lead you do get much more beautiful than a smile does not originated from emotions.

So, as I often say to anything regarding wedding photography and portrait photography, always be yourself, do not worry about having to do a particular expression or a pose … if there will be something wrong in terms of aesthetics the photographer will to tell you; think to enjoy the day without thinking about having to smile or do anything in particular; with regard to the photographs listen only the tips of the photographer and let scroll any other word from wherever it arrive …