The privilege of music

Maybe not only and not always Rondo Veneziano but also the wedding photographer of Venice listen music while working in the studio. Music has always been a muse, many of the visual artists have been inspired by the music and vice versa, many musicians were inspired by figurative works.

In 2013 at the opening of a personal photographic exhibition at the Museum of Tolmezzo (UD) the musician and jazz pianist Glauco Venier improvised songs taking inspiration from my photographs on display.

It was a very interesting experiment, transportation was remarkable, all participants (nearly 100 people) followed with interest the mini-concert. But I did not want to talk about my shows, but the music we listen during the post production of the images.

Unfortunately there are not many days when you can not be interrupted for long periods but nevertheless the music is part of our work.

Personally I am a lover of jazz and especially Frank Sinatra and Miles Davis. Sometimes I let myself captivated by things lighter and modern but then I get sucked out of my comfort zone and here I come back on the “blue notes” I love so much.

I am convinced that what we listen to affect the way we take pictures. Definitely a lover of hard rock will produce very different images by the lover of classical music. By the way … sometimes I dive even I in my favorite authors of classical music: Bach, Mozart, Tchaikowski, Dvorjak and Gershwin; musicians of late historical periods and with very different styles with each other but who manage to move me. I let the music and I have the impression that the photographs go edited alone.

Maybe told so so romantic profession of wedding photographers do not seem to have a real job rather a hobby. I assure you it is not so! There are many nice things because it is a trade that is done with passion, but there are also many tedious and laborious, bureaucratic and expensive things that make up the downside.

Listen to music while you work is inspiring and a privilege to be enjoyed …

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