The most important thing…

What does the wedding photographer to get an excellent photo shoot wedding? Good question huh !? Where are we to find the answer? We could talk about technical things, types of lenses, machines, machining with photoshop and more that very passionate photographers. We could also talk about decorations: flowers, decorations, bright furnishings and anything else that make the atmosphere pleasant and places crew their beauty … Even the locations are important: a Venetian villa or a Venetian residence, a castle in the hills of the Collio or a palace for a wedding in Udine, a ceremony at the seaside definitely do their part and give at the wedding photographer a better setting for his shots.

So is the aesthetic that makes the best pictures? In part, I think so, all the elements I have listed make the wedding – so the photo shoot – the most beautiful.

Despite these findings, however, I am convinced that still lacks an element, an ingredient that can make great photo shoot: you! The couple in the first place and guests are the real “salt” of marriage. The harmony, the joy, the smiles, the tears … all emotions are the extra touch that makes the most beautiful photographs. When a couple is smiling and their guests are all very close and share the party, the positive energy makes everything more beautiful and my work becomes exciting. Let go to live intensely the moment, without worrying about the details cure or manage the performance of the party, it will take you to a very intense experience and photographs of your wedding you will remember them forever.