The difficulties of the wedding photographer – Part Two …

Not exactly a difficulty, rather a complex stage for the wedding photographer. This time of year there are not much weddings to photograph and albums are almost all finished and delivered. So what does the wedding photographer in this period?

It would be simplistic answer, it deals with promotion. While it is true in part, is not all it does. Many colleagues exhibiting at trade fairs and so are taken in the preparation of samples, the design of the stands and advertising material to be distributed to customers.

For a personal choice, I decided some years ago not to compare with the competitors in exhibitions, but on a different ground, but no less fierce, on the web. How will you compete in the web? Well everyone has their own ideas, I’m just trying to show my work and to ensure that many people as possible to see. I do not dwell on technicalities or marketing understood as techniques to persuade the customer, I prefer a more natural contact where everyone can look at my works and decide if they like without this being the somewhat extorted so.

In addition to this, it is the update period. I intend to update the training and refresher courses and also the time to check their equipment and replace those that are no longer sufficiently reliable for the season that comes along.

The courses have become for many a parallel business to the natural one of the photographer and so you have to pay attention to choose the right ones. Invest in your own training is important but it is also important to choose courses that truly serve us.

Another very important aspect for the profession of wedding photographer is the album. We’ve been through it before and I’ll never stop pushing in this direction, an album is a precious object, not for its construction and finishes, but for its content. It is the packaging of your memories, it can not be taken lightly and that’s why, in this time of year, the wedding photographer tries, studies and designs the new album collections for the next season.

Finally in this period we receive many requests from potential clients and prepare personalized quotes for everyone is one of those activities that require attention and time.

Do not worry if by chance the wedding photographer who would you choose will not respond right away … it could be a course or simply is studying the best package for you …

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