The difficulties of the wedding photographer – part three: the speeches

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate, doing wedding photographer in Venice, especially with the destination wedding, are the speeches during the reception.

A Tradition of English wedding, not widespread here in Italy, for italians is much more frequent during the ceremony. Although in recent times Italians also took this habit: the reception is a time less than the solemn ceremony but still very important and speeches allow you to scan the lunch time and bring out the emotions.

The speeches are usually made by close relatives or friends very close so with a deep understanding of the couple, at least one of the two. Precisely for this reason, they are able to touch the emotional chords ripping wonderful smiles and sometimes sweet tears.

But in all of this as you insert the wedding photographer? The photographer at this time is a discrete observer who captures the moments without intervening and possibly unnoticed. This is the time when nothing is “staged” but with the utmost attention and concentration should be followed and taken. The difficulty of the moment is not to be underestimated because the speeches are made in times when the photographer might be tired, has already made several hours of work and need some effort to keep the attention. But it is also a time when you can capture the emotions, we may not currently photographing people but their moods … what we can ask for more?