The difficulties of the wedding photographer – part one …

In the past days I have read with great interest an article on the blog of an esteemed colleague about their own comfort zones. That is, the fellow explained how the wedding photographer today tend not to experience the benefit of a repetitive photography. Yes increasingly high level but, in fact, always the same …

One can not be agree with him but it is also true that the wedding photographer is important to give continuity to its offer and this brings us to somehow have to try something “innovative” remain within certain stakes. I am sure that the delivery is broad and no simple solution.

But what I would like to say thanks to this preamble is that in all this we have to find the right place for our client, the married couples.

The advice to choose the wedding photographer you are wasted and it would be useless to repeat, but I would like to dwell on a very important point.

One of the great difficulties of our work is to be able to explain well what kind of photography do and what kind of story we will deliver … Be very very careful about what you see from your photographer, never assume that what you see there anyway it will be because it could not be that, in addition, pay attention to how the photographer composed the albums and “real wedding” that makes you see. What you see is exactly what the photographer will give you.

To work well the photographer relies on its comfort-zone, does things in which you feel safe but if you want something in particular it is important that you discuss this because it is not sure that the photographer see the same things you see you.

In short, the photographer is your ally that day, do not be afraid to talk to him.