The charm of the “first”

I have already discussed other times the theme of the preparations but for a wedding photographer, is an inexhaustible theme.

From the point of view and photo of the story, she plays a very important role. A sometimes overlooked, it thinks that is not important. Time also makes the hairdressers and makeup artists were not accustomed to having a photographer who did the photographs in their work, but always wonderful professionals luck meeting today that put me in a position to get some good pictures and give a great service to brides.

I said that is often not considered important since the attention is for the ceremony and reception. Of course are the parts of the day on which you have worked on it more and want to enjoy them as long as possible.

But now imagine the time of the preparations! We are at the moment you start to prepare, you are excited and this emotion is felt in every detail. You have at your disposal the makeup artist and hairdresser, and you are enjoying their attentions to make you beautiful and you have at your disposal also the photographer who follows you carefully throughout your ceremony preparation.

At this stage I try not to force myself, but to be a silent and attentive observer. I like to be present only when it is also nice for you. I like to pay attention to every gesture and every detail without distraction.

Then when you have available some nice hotel room, such as in weddings in Venice or in other historic cities, I’d like that everything was all set to have time to run a small boudoir session of the bride.

It is the day when you can afford everything and a portrait session with an underwear magnificent will remain forever and will be a wonderful gift for your husband. The rooms of these hotels are often the must and spacious with very large windows allowing a beautiful light. They seem almost natural sets for photography of this type. To obtain them simply give the photographer the time marriage, maybe make arrangements with a little in advance so you can have the time to devote to these images. It will also be a very fun and relaxing time where you will feel beautiful as ever.

Even after dressing, when you are ready at all points with your gorgeous dress, spend some time to portraits. Enjoy the moment and the dress much anticipated, there will be other opportunities to do so. Move away stress on your wedding day, let’s take it slow and do everything you can.

The recipe for the images of preparation, boudoir and exceptional portrait is calm and space, the room sizes are important, with little room is complicated move have the right views.

When you choose the place of your preparations well think, it is an important choice.