That little barrier …

So it seems that the portrait is perceived in wedding photography. To talk about this topic I will talk about an adorable bride as a wedding photographer in Italy I got to meet and photograph.

It is not my habit to boast of photographic skills and even then I do not want to talk about myself; I would rather talk about her.

The day of her wedding, I arrived to her home  soon enough, she was already in the throes of preparing the makeup artist had begun to make her base. I immediately sensed an embarrassment to my presence, felt my lens as a critical look, almost a test of every action and every class features. It took a bit of time to ensure that this barrier collapsed, and that I was no longer an element of stress but an ally.

The tensions were reappeared when the hairstyle and makeup were completed. It was time to make some shots to Monica before dressing. The pleasure of a moment completely dedicated to her was high but, at the same time, the anxiety of the gesture made her a bit nervous. It is in those circumstances that the wedding photographer has to stop being a “collector of images” and become a writer of emotions. Stop, place the camera on a chair and stopping to look at her without saying anything was the gesture that allowed us to overcome that little barrier and thus to find that feeling that gave her two beautiful images, technically very simple but clear emotional impact.

The portrait is something that is very often overlooked and that, especially for wedding photographers, is not taken seriously. Not so, my idea is that, even in marriage, the portrait should not stop surface and aesthetic appearance of the subject but it can and must go deep. In my experience like Wedding Photographer in Italy and Europe, I got to meet some married couples with whom I was able to tune in and get some pictures that they gave me and taken so much…

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