Stolen or prepared?

All my clients and couples with whom I do the talks, even if they do not entrust me with the task for the story of their marriage dwell on the aspect of spontaneity: the subjects of your photographs appear spontaneous and at ease in all situations. For a wedding photographer is this important? I do not know, but it is for my clients and I do everything to portray them and their guests in the most spontaneous way possible.

To achieve this spontaneity, however, there are two paths: stolen photography and prepared photography. One would think that the wedding photographer prepares pictures takes away spontaneity at the scene while the one that gets all the steals.

In this statement there is some truth, that is, there are situations in which I can photograph the scene at the real moment that happen and in the meantime get pleasant expressions, good lighting and a correct composition. But it is not always so, sometimes just a little information to get a picture just as spontaneous and pleasant, that without which we could not do.

For example: imagine the people who talk to each other at the buffet and smile, it is very likely that these people are facing each other that they look, so the possible variants are the profile photo or one from behind and one in front … here’s a simple trick that ask these people to turn slightly both on the same side, but without looking at the photographer does get a perfect image. This request, very often, makes subjects smile and behold, the spontaneity is served …

In short, no matter what method you decide to use, the important thing is that people are spontaneous and possibly smiling.