Stay hungry, Stay foolish!

With these words, in 2005, Steve Jobs at Stanford University concluded his speech thus giving an important message to all young students who are looking out for the world of work.

His watchword was meant to be an incentive to continuous research and not to turn the imagination! That “foolish” that could be read in the negative. Naive, or pops actually has a meaning absolutely positive. Being foolish, rebellious, naive leads us to want to discover and constantly invent something new.

Also be hungry, as in the world of sport, it has a positive sense. To be hungry for results leads to maintain a high level of concentration and not to accept that things go in a negative way.

This is one of the mottos that I never forgot to follow. Being a wedding photographer could lead to relaxing within your own comfort zone forgetting to experiment and innovate.

Fortunately, in addition to the great teaching of Steve Jobs, I have my instinctual character. I’m curious by nature and I can not stop for too long on things. Some (many) calls me a “lost soul”. This definition always take that as a compliment. Despite the hardships to which forces me, this feature also gives me a lot of gratification

They are always in pursuit of something and improvements. I do not like to settle, even when the customer is satisfied.

Initially it was the study of the technique. Learning how to do things and achieve mastery of the means to accomplish it without delay in the trial was the first step that I wanted to overcome. Then came the stage of results; no longer think of the technique to achieve a certain result but think only of the result and to use the technique without thinking.

Now I am in a still higher stage. Day by day I refined the taste and I adapt to the fashions of the moment (always without distorting my style) and push me towards photographs which so far had not.

I’m just a wedding photographer and I have to stay within certain boundaries that can not be overcome, first of all respect for subjects shot … but I am hungry and foolish like when I was a boy!