Sometimes the second is me …

After having spoken of the second wedding photographer, I present a work in which the second photographer was me.

Thanks to the ease of communication that we have today, it is possible to know colleagues even outside our area and then we can exchange ideas, opinions, and, why not, work together.

The following images are taken from a wedding took in Lugano in Switzerland in July 2014. The colleague who commissioned me to join him is Marco Miglianti. Marco is a friend before a colleague and also the president of the Italian Association of wedding photographers to which I belong as a member of the executive and founding partner.

But back to the wedding, a beautiful summer day, a wedding in the afternoon as I like it, a fantastic couple from Zurich, despite the bride, Sioe, is of oriental origin.

Both the ceremony to the reception took place in a fantastic castle in town Vico. A hill right on the crossing of the two arms of Lake Lugano.

Marco and I arrived the evening before wedding and we knew Sioe and Christian, the spouses, during the welcome dinner at the home of the groom’s parents.

The views were literally breathtaking.

wedding_photographer_Switzerland_019 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_020

Preparations took place in a luxury hotel in Lugano and I followed the groom’s preparations. Some details and some phase of his dressing, then, towards the castle. Also on the way the scene gave no respite to the emotions.

wedding_photographer_Switzerland_000 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_001 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_002 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_003 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_004

The preparation for the outdoor ceremony in country style was already completed and guests, waiting for the bride, were enjoying the lake views.

The arrival of the bride, accompanied by his father sparked emotions, even the ceremony was intense. Just moments for torque portraits and then immediately to the party. Surrounded by nature and with the elegance of the newlyweds arrived until evening in a jiffy …

wedding_photographer_Switzerland_005 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_006 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_007 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_008 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_009 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_010 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_011 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_012 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_013 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_014 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_015

A fantastic marriage lived in a beautiful frame with a highly esteemed colleague … who could ask for more?

wedding_photographer_Switzerland_016 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_017 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_018 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_021 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_022 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_023 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_024 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_025 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_026 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_027 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_028 wedding_photographer_Switzerland_029