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From screen to screen

Today, we can define the wedding photographer as such. That is, the one who looks at the world through the screens. There are those who like me, despite the digital, to use reflex cameras but there are also those who have already passed on different systems, new concept that are mirrorless cameras. For the latter, the definition is relevant, as those cameras have a display also in place of the viewfinder.

Digital electronics is undoubtedly a huge help for many professions, including wedding photography. I said I love using the reflexes. Not because I’m nostalgic (a little yes and this can be seen from many posts on analog photography) but because at the moment I think the image quality and comfort of use are still much better.

Despite this choice, I realize that I look at my photographs almost exclusively through digital screens. Initially from my camera screen, then from my macbook during backup, and finally on the professional and calibrated screen for processing them.

If we consider that only 5% of the photographic services that I realize are printed (in the context of marriage, in others the percentage is less), so the question arises: what is photography today? Just a pixel plot that passes through the ether through one device to another? Shall they be shared very quickly, but they always get caught in something intangible?

This is what would be spontaneous thinking. And perhaps it would be thought that the press is now a useless nun, something salient that will sooner or later remain only for a niche market.

I do not think so, in my opinion marriage photography is first and foremost emotion. So the support on which it is viewed and “used” is not important, important is what that particular photo has to say to who read it. The printing remains the support with the highest quality and the future couples will choose which one, the most suitable for their memories!