Portraits to the groom

Yesterday I talked to a bride’s Portrait and how we were able to empathize in the portrait session before dressing. When we think about wedding photography the bride is always the first thing that comes to mind. There are, however, many other elements that make up the marriage and the groom is one of these. In our imagination, the groom is almost identified as a frame of the bride, the shoulder of the protagonist. As for photography is very often true, men do not really like being in front of a camera and if they can sneak away they do willingly.

Then, talk about portrait of the groom really make sense? I would say yes. First of all we have always said that all people are different and then today we are at a time when the man learned his hedonistic pleasure. Increasingly I find grooms who appreciate the time I spend them for this type of photography and are very willing to pose for me. It is no longer a stress but a pleasure. Give something to the wedding photographer so that the photographer is able to return more emotion.

Very often to be able to put at ease the groom simply remain silent and give him the bare essentials as indications. The portrait is a silent conversation between subject and photographer …

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