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Renewal from web-site

Schermata 2015-11-17 alle 19.29.29

I love renewal, changing things around me. Small or big changes give me enthusiasm. Today I introduce to you my brand new web-site and blog. What’s changed? Many things: the visual with withe background and a regular layout. I chose for an easier navigation using an easy menu and a friendly style for galleries. Now you can visit galleries directly from homepage. Everything is easy to reach and you can talk to me very speedy.

Also price list and gallery of album are inside and easy to find.

Realize a web-site is a rewarding work, like to do your wedding albums. For make nice works is important to exploit technical knowledge (in that Laura Musig give me a great contribution), ideas ( for these I trust in the most important help of Alessandra Ambrosini) but mostly important you have to put your heart! That’s the magical ingredient for masterpieces.