Give me a smile!

Spontaneity and truth are the most used words by the wedding photographer to describe their own photographs. In fact, everyone wants to tell the story of your special day more “real” and spontaneous as possible.

To achieve this you go through different methods. Some people do not like to give any indication to the spouses and who organizes everything like a movie set. Everyone will get the spontaneity and truth they have in mind.

In both cases, it is likely to take bribes do not want. In the case of pure reportage, without any indication, the risk is to obtain photographs in which the expressions do not do justice to the beauty of the couple. In the other case, however, the ultimate pursuit of beauty are likely to get a cold portrait.

Why do people make the most of the portraits is advisable to keep a neutral expression. In this case, no facial muscle will live, so we get the expression we are used to, the one with which we see in the mirror as a result we will see more beautiful.

This my dissertation could give the impression that you necessarily have to give something up or beauty or spontaneity.

Well not quite agree. We forget too often that, as you move the muscles of the face and create wrinkles under the eyes, the smile is always beautiful! It is an expression addictive and contagious. At the risk of sounding trite, in some moments of the portrait sessions, I ask the parties to give me a smile!

The wedding day must be decorated by joy and smile. Especially the bride, beautiful in her white dress if flaunts her smile she pantry joy to everyone!

I love capture the moments of the day and describe them through the smiles of the guests and spouses. After all, the wedding is a joyous celebration and the best way to describe it is to photograph people smiling!