Review a product

It is not easy for a wedding photographer to stand in front of a camera. Just my job leads me to stay behind and not ahead of the lens. Experimenting with this feat was not easy.

How was this video born? Precisely there is no real moment in which I decided I would do it. The desire was born from itself. After the annual convention of ANFM (national marriage photographers) I had time to try the new flash of Profoto: the B1.

The technical features are remarkable and I absolutely wanted to try it! Very timidly I started taking it to the studio. Then the first tests with my daughter Alice, the most available and patient model I have! Yes, I’m the dad, but she’s just great !!

I could not believe what I saw. The rendering of this flash is amazing. A beautiful light with the right softness and power.

Do you have a studio flash? Large, heavy, powered by 200Volt with that beautiful light suitable for portrait and industrial photography? Well, the B1 manages to overcome them in many things. A nice light on a battery-powered flash, lightweight and compact, easily transported inside its briefcase.

In short, I fell in love … when one thing you like you want to tell it to the whole world! So a little a day I decided to prepare this video and spread it online so that most of my acquaintances and colleagues could benefit from it!

I know it might sound like a spot in favor of a photographic technology product but that’s not the case, I do not even earn a cent in all of this, it’s pure passion! When I saw the first photographs, so well-portrayed portraits and the ability to control the light so easily I did not resist and so I’m here, terrified in front of the camera lens!

Profoto B1 Specifications:

– Patented AirTTL technology provides perfect exposure in a flash.

– Cordless design and wireless controls allows you to shoot without any restraints.

– Interchangeable, integrated battery provides up to 220 full-power flashes and tens of thousands at lowest power.

– 500 Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 9 f-stop power range give you both power and precise control.

– Fires up to 20 flashes a second with flash durations as short as 1/19,000 of a second.

– Patent-pending Profoto HSS is fast enough to keep up with your camera, 10 times as powerful as your average speedlight, and extremely consistent.

– Designed for used with more than 150 Light Shaping Tools.