Telling a wedding with the photographs

You would have heard this phrase many times, every wedding photographer talks about it. I have spoken to this blog too many times. But then, in particular, I never stopped to explain what he was thinking.

Probably no big explanation is needed, anyone can imagine what this phrase means. Photographing everything that happens during a wedding without losing any details.

So it makes a lot of sense but we still do not know what the photographer does and what his ability to do this.

Everyone has his method, you can not generalize, so I tell you in my own way! I like to tell stories. Sometimes even fables. I like to do it with the words but above all with the pictures. To do so, take the same process that I would adopt in words. I try to quickly look at and memorize situations to find the best point to resume the scene.

This entails a considerable expense of energies that at the end of the day is felt but at the same time it allows me to live great emotions, to be a near but discreet presence that can perceive everything without ever hindering.

Beautiful, very beautiful to live the wedding day in this way but the story is not just the shooting phase, it continues in the selection, post-production and editing of the album or the box.

The photographic story follows the course of the day. It needs a rhythm that alternates images that make it run fast creating tension to others that slow it down in some kind of relaxation. Choose the right amount of images for each moment of the day and avoid redundancies. Each scene has to be told once, two images of the same moment, though both strong, end up canceling each other.

The beginning and the end have to be understood as the acronyms of a movie … we could decide to start with a cryptic image or one that introduces us to tell a lot about it. Sometimes it goes without saying to emphasize the photojournalistic style of the tale.

I like to work carefully on the selection to give the story rhythm and intensity. That’s why I appreciate the couples who give me the freedom to make pictures selection for their album.