How long it will pose for photos?

This is the question that everyone, with a little of “terror” to make a wedding photographer. I wanted to emphasize putting the word terror because sometimes we just this feeling. And what answer to give in these moments?

The photographer would be inclined to minimize it and give information in between the real and the false.

Actually it is not useful to be scared by this question. My experience as a wedding photographer in Venice and as a destination wedding photographer in general has taught me that as long as you go along with the spouses for portraits has never so much and even boring.

First of all depends on how we manage this time, not to become anxious, even 15 minutes may be enough time for the portraits session. Of course, more time we dedicate and more situations we can change. What with great serenity I try to explain to everyone is that to get the images for which I was chosen, I need time. But how long? Here you back, like the obsessive rhythm of boleros, the original question.

One can not say with certainty how long it takes to get a sequence of portraits valid for the album, but in summary, the ideal would be to have 15 minutes alone with the bride just after the preparation (if you do then some boudoir 20-25). For this it is necessary to arrange the time of the preparations in order to allow time for the beautiful photos to the bride. Every bride on the wedding