How long should I contact my wedding photographer?

Here’s a question that appears on all portals and maybe even on the sites of all wedding photographers. And the answers are the most disparate, some less interesting, the rest, as in every field.

The least interesting are the short answers, the ones that define exactly how many months before the wedding should contact the wedding photographer. This figure makes no sense because every marriage is different and each date needs to be valued with due attention.

Let’s start from simple examples that let us know how the wedding photographer is organized. If you have decided to marry on a spring  or summer Saturday (more precisely from May to September), it is the case that you start looking for the photographer right away, just after the date. Of course, before contacting the photographer you have to choose one and also this is a topic very dear to portals and photographers. As soon as you locate the photographer you like, it is important to contact him and book the date.

In addition to the “free-day” issue, there may be other problems. It’s not said that getting married during the week is safe from all the risks. Of course, it is much easier to find a free photographer.

Not all photographers work the same way. I decided not to photograph more than a certain number of weddings per year. This allows me to maintain my quality standards by taking the necessary care in the production of the work. Increasing the number of marriages would lead to working more quickly and lowering these standards. Book the date with the signing of the contract as soon as possible and the payment of the deposit will guarantee the presence of the chosen photographer.

From this year I have a very interesting new collaboration that allows me to overcome the problem of busy time or over-book. In case I can not personally attend your wedding, I will contact you directly with colleagues who are very happy to give you a very good service!

There is no precise answer to the question from the title to this article, the important thing is to find a photographer who really cares about your marriage …